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Saulė Šmidtaitė “KELY“

January 15 – February 18 

The opening – January 15, 5 pm

The title for my exhibition KELY (on the road) was chosen thoughtfully - I believe it clearly describes the silent space, without which I could not imagine my wide road of artistic experiments (I study in 12th grade at the National M. K. Čiurlionis School of Arts). My purpose of each artwork is to enliven the mundane reality. By taking out objects from their usual surroundings and erasing their functionality, I aim to provoke people into looking at everyday objects from different perspectives. For my usual drawing technique, I use natural graphite which I blend into paper, then carefully shape the object by adding shadows and light. I enjoy making rusty metal prints directly on paper and using huge formats, some pieces even reach seven meters. This is my very first exhibition in which I am able to present a tiny portion of my artistic road.

Saulė Šmidtaitė