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Exhibition of paintings "Document"

Duration: 3-23 January, 2019

Opening reception: 8 January, 6 pm

A document is a piece of information that is recorded by a certain system of signs on any material medium and can be transmitted in space and time. Its meaning and purpose are the most significant. While interpreting the concept of a document in an artistic language, a picture may also be a document, because it contains information. At the exhibition, the painters express their views on political, economic, historical or other events that they consider important. The informative content of these “documents” consists of messages, opinions and feelings transferred by the artists. An artist is an important representative of society and culture, whose expressions of thinking and seeing reflect the state of their own and their surroundings, and whose mission is to welcome contemplation, help to recognise and perceive the world around us, and notice its paths and errors.

Curators: Linas Liandzbergis, Meda Norbutaitė

Algimantas Černiauskas

Evaldas Jansas

Aistė Kirvelytė

Linas Liandzbergis

Meda Norbutaitė

Vidas Poškus

Auris Radzevičius

Arūnė Tornau

Dainius Trumpis

Marta Vosyliūtė