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Town Hall concert cycle

SEPTEMBER 2, 16:00 
“Folk in Jazz“ 
Evelina PABARCIUTE, vocal (Lithuania - Belgium)
Dalia DEDINSKAITE, violin (Lithuania - Austria)
Gleb PYSNIAK, cello (Lithuania)
Tadas MOTIECIUS, accordion (Lithuania)
Program: Lithuanian folk songs in jazz style (composed by L. Mieldazis ) 

SEPTEMBER 16, 16:00 
Gabriel UREÑA, cello (Spain)
Simona ZAJANCAUSKAITE, piano (Lithuania)
Program: J. S. Bach, L.van Beethoven, J. Brahms, S. Prokofiev

SEPTEMBER 23, 16:00 
Dalia DEDINSKAITE, violin (Lithuania - Austria)
Gleb PYSNIAK, cello (Lithuania)
Robertas LOZINSKIS, piano (Lithuania - Scotland)
Marius SINKUNAS, vibraphone (Lithuania)
Program: From the Heritage of Litvak (Lithuanian Jews) Music 

SEPTEMBER 30, 16:00 
“Dedication to Lithuania“ 
Dovile KAZONAITE, soprano
Aistė BRUZAITE, kanklės (traditional Lithuanian stringed instrument)
Program: F. Bajoras, G. Kuprevicius, J. Gruodis, V Jakubenas, A. Brazinskas, S. Vainiunas

OCTOBER 7, 16:00 
“Let's tune swing“
Marius SINKUNAS, vibraphone (Lithuania)
Azuolas PAULAUSKAS, clarinet (Lithuania)
Leonidas MIELDAZIS, piano (Lithuania)
Eugenijus KANEVICIUS, double bass (Lithuania)
Michailas DELAZARIS, percussion (Russia)
Program: Swing music, jazz

OCTOBER 14, 16:00 
“Recital of Dancing Paintings“
Viktoras PAUKSTELIS, piano/ painting
Program: R. Schumann, F. Liszt

OCTOBER 21, 16:00
Robertas LOZINSKIS, grand piano (Lithuania - Scotland)
Program: J. S. Bach, M. K. Ciurlionis, F. Chopin, M. Mussorgsky

OCTOBER 28, 16:00 
Dalia DEDINSKAITE, violin (Lithuania - Austria)
Gleb PYSNIAK, cello (Lithuania)
Program: Z. Kodaly, M. Ravel and others

NOVEMBER 4,  16:00 
Andres ANAZCO, piano (Ecuador - Austria)
Program: F, Shubert, L. van Beethoven, C. Debussy, L. H. Salgado

NOVEMBER 11, 16:00 
Ivan PETRICEVIC, guitar (Croatia - Germany)
Program: J. S. Bach, A. Jose, M. de Falla, A. Piazzolla, E. Silva

NOVEMBER 18, 16:00

Grand Prix winners of the IV International Competition “With Music through Europe“

Yu-Lun CHANG, piano (Taiwan - Germany)
Monika KUCINSKA, soprano (Lithuania)
Vaida BALCIUNIENE, grand piano (Lithuania)
Program: L. van Beethoven, E. Granados, S. Prokofiev and others

NOVEMBER  25, 16:00 
Leonid BARANOV, violin (Russia - Switzerland)
Indre BAIKSTYTE, piano (Lithuania)
Program: E. Grieg, G. Gershwin, C. Debussy

NOVEMBER 27, 19:00
“Lithuania Concert Tour 2018“
Philip ZUCKERMAN, violin (Sweden)
Emil OLEJNIK, cello (Poland - Austria)
Simona ZAJANCAUSKAITE, piano (Lithuania)
Program: M. Ravel, I. Stravinsky, C. Saint-Saens, D. Popper, S. Prokofiev and others


DECEMBER 26, 16:00
Lukas GENIUSAS, grand piano (Russia - Lithuania)
Dzeraldas BIDVA, violin
Gleb PYSNIAK, cello (Lithuania)
Program: F. Schubert, M. Ravel

DECEMBER 27, 19:00
“All Waltzes of Frederic Chopin“
Gintaras JANUSEVICIUS, piano (Germany - Lithuania)
Program: F. Chopin

DECEMBER 28, 19:00
“Crazy Cello“

The Lithuanian Army Orchestra
Conductor – Egidijus ALISAUSKAS
Soloist – Gleb PYSNIAK (cello)
Program: F. Gulda, M. K. Ciurlionis

DECEMBER 29, 19:00
“French Jazz“
Evelina PABARCIUTE, vocal (Belgium - Lithuania)
Maxime MOYAERTS, piano (Belgium)
Program: Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, Charles Trenet and other jazz improvisations in french style

DECEMBER 30, 19:00 
“Exclusively Piazzolla“
Dalia DEDINSKAITE, violin (Lithuania - Austria)
Gleb PYSNIAK, cello (Lithuania)
Tadas MOTIECIUS, accordion (Lithuania)
Program: A. Piazzolla music

JANUARY 1, 17:00
“Charlie Chaplin“
Rokas ZUBOVAS, grand piano
Sonata ZUBOVIENE, grand piano
Ensemble “Disobedient“
Program: music from movies with Charlie Chaplin

Tickets can be purchased at the venue 30 minutes before the concert. These tickets are not subject to discounts. The organizers reserve the right to change performers and the program of the concerts.


All concerts will take place in the Great Hall, on the second floor.
Vilnius Town Hall is a heritage site and therefore does not have a lift.
We apologize not being able to provide you with convenient access to the concerts.