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Aira Urbonavičiūtė "WHAT IS THE WI-FI PASSWORD?" (paintings)

March 3–31
Opening – March 3, 5.30 p.m.

I will introduce some paintings whose meanings I have been exploring for the past two years. The main motifs that interest me are the relationship and connections between people, how they change and how social media interferes with those connections. In the online version of reality, it is often difficult to understand what is real and what is not. I believe that online relationships are accompanied by a sense of uncertainty. To piece together the exact feeling that I have in mind I will use the metaphor of a dream, or to be more precise – the short moment when you just wake up from a very vivid dream when it is difficult to make sense of whether the dream was real or not. This is a very similar feeling to what guides me, and to what almost occurs in the online virtual realm.
While reflecting on all these thoughts I will single out one social media platform – Instagram – that affects me the most in my everyday life. When I am constantly using social media, I’ve starting to notice how sad I become. I lack authentic connections in real life so I look for these in my paintings. In my creative process, I have not at all avoided interfacing with Instagram. Anonymous, impersonal portraits are often repeated in my paintings. As a metaphor for ephemerality, a confetti motif appears. Images are decaying and pixelating.
The title of the exhibition refers metaphorically to the state of mind of modern humanity. In everyday life, the question “What is the Wi-Fi password?” relates to the appeal of internet connections, but at the same time represents the minimal real contact occurring with other persons.

Aira Urbonavičiūtė