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Audrius Gražys and Henrikas Gulbinas "SMALL BIG THINGS"

June 3-29

The duet of Audrius Gražys and Henrikas Gulbinas is not accidental – they have collaborated, creating video projections and scenography for performances, participated in joint art projects in Lithuania and abroad.
Audrius Gražys not only paints, but also creates installations, scenography and video art. Has held more than 50 solo exhibitions.
"An abstractionist painter who never fails to achieve a subtle equilibrium of the logical, strict form and the mystery of human existence, Audrius Gražys seems an artist who comes in many faces. We are inclined to think that an artist should be permeated by a single creative method or approach, yet that fact is that the most interesting and puzzling artists often come up with a chameleon-like ability to break the rules of the game and to destroy the illusion of their predictability. This is especially true of Audrius Gražys." (Leonidas Donskis).
Henrikas Gulbinas videos "A Journey Without Luggage" and "Uninvented Things" were created in 1988 with an analogue camera, exploiting light streams and shadows without the help of computer programming. "Uninvented Things" is based on illuminated recordings of a working TV, filmed by connecting a TV signal to a video recorder, producing a visual stream effect, and their montage. Henrikas Gulbinas owns the authorship of the first video clip in the history of Lithuanian video art.
"It is not a surprize, that the slow-moving image sequences of H. Gulbinas videos appear to be quite close to abstract painting". (Rasa Žukienė)
In this project, Audrius Gražys abstractions and installations of Henrikas Gulbinas, created in 1988-2021,  despite the fact that they were created at different times, in different places, by two people unfamiliar at that time, are connected by related plastics and incredibly similar composition solutions. "Large-format paintings, moving and interceding abstract forms in the monitors, music, street sounds and flimsy movement converge into a vivid, contemporary, dynamic and lively fragment of city life". (Rasa Žukienė)

Audrius Gražys

Henrikas Gulbinas