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Gediminas Day | Photo exhibition

Vilnius Town Hall invites city residents and guests to commemorate Gediminas, Lithuanian Grand Duke and the founder of Vilnius, on 28 September. 

From 25 September through 3 October, you will hear a hundred wolves howling in the Town Square EVERY DAY at 7 pm, which will remind listeners of the legend of Gediminas and the founding of Vilnius!

Currently, the Town Square is hosting a symbolic exhibition of photos featuring 100 wolves. You will be able to read Prof. Libertas Klimka’s texts about wolves in Lithuanian folklore and mythology, and will be surprised to learn how many place names are derived from this animal’s name! ‘The dossier of the wolf in nature’ written by Angelė Grebliauskienė, an expert on predatory mammals and coordinator of the animal carers at Kaunas Zoo, will tell you all about these intelligent, highly social and mysterious guardians of the forest, who are able to communicate without modern devices about their location, coordinate their hunting like a game of basketball, and so much more.

And, of course, you’ll be able to learn more about the legend of the momentous dream of Gediminas! All the information will be presented to Vilnius residents and guests in Lithuanian, English, German, Polish and Russian.

The exhibition has been organised by Vilnius Town Hall in cooperation with the Baltijos Vilkas Association for Nature Conservation.

We would like to thank all the photographers for their submissions, namely Gintautas Smilgevičius, Vitalijus Stirkė, Marius Kavaliauskas, Kęstutis Obelevičius and Lina Marmaitė.

The project is sponsored by Vilnius City Municipality.

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