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Goda Gudaitytė - Gujienė. Paintings

July 1-31 

Oppening – July 1, 6 p. m.

Godos Gudaitytė-Gujienė's work is distinguished by a new approach to landscape and continues the tradition of expressionist painting. From the early period, the artist paid considerable attention to the images of nature, as if studying their earthly attraction and the spectra of earthly colours. And in this exhibition she remains faithful to the landscape and its expressive expression.

Inspired by the visual metamorphoses of plane and space, the artist creates a motif, as if looking at it from a high hill and wishing to speak to it. It is a silhouette of a city, a view of a village, a mysterious clearing of trees or a traffic lane.

These motifs are revealed as images of poetic thought, expressive or lyrical miniatures, conveyed in nuanced and contrasting colours, converging and transparent strokes. Darkening or brightening tree trunks and brightly coloured houses, muted tones of tree foliage and sky clearings, sunlit meadows. Figures of bright lines and their whitish silhouettes are scattered on the background of the landscape.

These painting compositions constantly continue the cycles of the year and day that have already begun. You can also feel the pulse of vibrant nature, autumn rain, the raging or quiet summer wind, the flickering heat and the sunset-shaded tree tops. It is as if there is space left in the landscapes to talk about the past and the present. They allow you not only to feel the characters behind the frames, but also to explore the new images that have emerged.

Neringa Markauskaitė

Goda Gudaitytė-Gujienė about herself and creativity:

I was born on March 9, 1970 in Vilnius. I started my way as an artist at K. Čiurlionis School of Art, which I graduated from in 1988 and gained a specialty in graphics. This was followed by studies of art pedagogy at the Vilnius Academy of Arts.

I was always attracted to colours. I was well acquainted with the work of many artists of different periods, but I was most attracted to the post-impressionists, the School of Paris. Van Gogh's landscapes and primitive art are extremely fascinating to me up to this day. I appreciate the classical Lithuanian painting school. My artistic taste was finally formed by the artists of the ARS group – A. Samuolis and V. Vizgirda.

I chose the landscape as a creative starting point. I seek emotional content and suggestiveness in my works – I want the work to affect the viewer immediately. The authenticity of the motif is not important. A particular landscape is just the first impetus to create a mood. I do not paint the motif itself, but vision of it instead. Sometimes, as I work, I transform an object in such a way that it becomes difficult to recognise and takes on a symbolic meaning and recurs in my other works. I often paint not in plein air, but at home, from memory. Often works are born without preconceived notions, during the painting process – by laying out strokes or looking for colours. In the last paintings, a lot of attention is paid to the line and the softness of the stroke – with their help I construct the composition, looking for an interesting shape of the painting.

Goda Gudaitytė-Gujienė

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