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Aoife Barrett and Neringa Žukauskaitė "CONNECTION"

Opening – August 4, 5 p.m.

 Ryšys / Connection brings together the work of Lithuanian and Irish artists and printmakers: Neringa Žukauskaitė and Aoife Barrett. The exhibition came about after the two artists met during the Wom@rts printmaking residency at the Limerick Printmakers, Ireland.

Žukauskaitė and Barrett went on to develop this joint exhibition, Ryšys /Connection, on the theme of connections both discovered and sought. Both artists developed the theme in their own way, but find many points of common ground and reciprocity.

Neringa Žukauskaitė seeks to discover the connection between human communication in the real and digital space. She speaks about dualistic life between real life and digital world. How much do we want to be revealed? Her work looks at how our lives are changing and what social or isolation relationships we experience today.

Aoife Barrett’s practice is oriented around experiments with printmaking and practices of sharing. Taking her grandfather’s planting diaries as a starting point she explores questions surrounding how people and communities interact and connect with place, landscape, and local environment. How can we use traditional crafts, skills, and tacit knowledge to build stronger connections? How can working with our hands allow us to think and connect more deeply with the world around us?

Featuring recent and newly made works by both artists Ryšys / Connection examines these connections between different environments, senses of place and displacement.

The exhibition explores stories about places and people and how these have influenced their work.

The exhibition is co-funded by:

Lithuanian Council for Culture

The Creative Europe programme of the European Union

Embassy of Ireland 


Free entrance