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Jonas Daniliauskas "Kissing a Horse" (painting)

January 4-29
Opening – January 4, 6 p. m.

“Having created his associative, metaphorical style, Jonas Daniliauskas in recent decades became a significant figure of the current national Lithuanian school of painting. He succeeded in refreshing the vision of an agrarian Lithuania, being forced into nonexistence by a technogenic informational civilization. His turn to the vital Lithuanian sources of folk tradition of culture and art did not prevent him from becoming a contemporary painter, availing himself of various achievements of classical modernism. These are evident in the compositions, and the solutions he arrives at in colour and form of his canvases. His work is one of the most visible manifestations of Lithuanian ethnicity in current art, since his canvasses are transfused with national ideas that inspire and overwhelm the artist’s imagination. He constantly reminds us of the land of his fathers and forefathers, the landscapes of his birthplace, the creatures inhabiting it, and the genius loci, and its lifestyle and customs. Indeed, Daniliauskas is one of the last bards of the disappearing Lithuanian agrarian landscape, while concurrently he remains one of the masters of painting, whose system of artistic images has scarcely changed in the last forty years. It is dominated by features of the first part of 20th-century Lithuanian art: small cottages, wide open spaces, and together with the poetics of people and animals, fused with the forests. “I have to say that I find some cottage or some goats very interesting and beautiful,” the artist confesses, “the things that will vanish together with my generation, or the next one... perhaps such painting originates from my childhood observations...”

Antanas Andrijauskas

Jonas Daniliauskas