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Kristina Norvilaitė "Į VISKĄ PAŽVELGTI RAMIA AKIMI" (Graphics)

December 3–31
Opening – December 5, 6 p. m.
Kristina Norvilaitė is a graphic artist and art gallery owner. She received Master's of Fine Arts degree from Vilnius Art Academy. Kristina is member of Lithuanian Artists’ Association. K. Norvilaitė has made over 50 personal exhibitions in over 20 cities of Europe including London, Brussels, Tel-Aviv, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Hamburg, Warsaw. She participated in more than two hundred group exhibitions in 20 countries including USA and Canada. Kristina also works as book artist, scenographer and creates interdisciplinary art projects. She lives in Vilnius.
When speaking of the art of Kristina Norvilaitė, one tends to start with the person, and with the gallery which carries the artist’s name. Based in Užupis in Vilnius, the art gallery Kristina Norvilaitė runs since 2011 as an open space offering the opportunity to meet the artist and to see her creative process. It is also a venue of cultural events and get-togethers, the realm of the so-called seventh-day for the festive enjoyment of creation and other people. The artist’s career bespeaks of her multifaceted nature and talent. An experienced book artist, she has also tried her hand at scenography and costume design. Norvilaitė gives graphic art classes to adults and works with sick children and children living in children’s homes. She acts as curator and is engaged in all kinds of artistic activity. Her artwork adorns public spaces, and is in the collections of museums and private individuals all over the world. The artist has worked in the field of the art and design of the book for 15 years, creating illustrations and book covers. She has created over 80 book layouts, several of which have been awarded prizes and diplomas. Her graphic works display a unique interpretation of time and space. Her prints created in series are dominated by familiar, isolated objects or faces, by body parts rendered in clear and expressive silhouettes. They seem to be given a nearly-too-bold prominence and are far from always “attractive”, yet each time harmonious and compelling. These images seem to have command of the entire – cast in perspective – space of the work, which we come to perceive mostly as a separate world, where we live and enjoy its beauty. Time in Norvilaitė’s prints is experienced as being – when we look at the items depicted in her prints, and take time to meditate them, we seem to enter their realm and stay there for a while. It is not the object that determines the significance of the moment, but the moment itself lends it meaning. Time is marked primarily in visual symbols as is especially obvious in the cycle dedicated to music and showing musical instruments: time flow seems to be frozen in the conductor’s baton, piano keyboard and the key. Her graphic art is dominated by the principle of series, of recurrent motifs, of rhythmical use of colour. At the same time, each work is different from the previous one. Each of her hand printed works (on canvas or wood) is unique and strikes as a very important in its existence, in contrast to the usual graphic art practice involving multiple prints done from the same plate. The art of Norvilaitė emerges as an ornamental flow that carries the feeling of eternity, which permeates our everyday with a festive mood, the mood of the seventh-day.  (From an art review by Jolita Liškevičienė)

Kristina Norvilaitė