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September, 9-30
Opening – September 9, 6 p. m.
Alar Raudoja – the artist’s alter ego LEONARDO has attempted to solve mystical codes and riddles and to make them into simple depictions of everyday existence.
Searches for the hyper ego have taken Leonardo to ANGELS and their world. It is so because we, humans, find it extremely difficult to establish a connection with higher beings and to believe in this communication if we are unable to see or at least give shape to someone we are talking to. A depiction of beings similar to humans who have wings is not the normal shape of angels, but they use this form often as this way it is easier for us to accept them.

Angels, with whom you have the closest connection, are actually yourself on another level of existence. They are not a force separate from you. Angels are Leonardo's FRIENDS, who have embodied to artists in this exhibition and take viewers into their world. Haide Rannakivi, Pusa, Marko Toomast, Jan Leo Grau, Alar Raudoja show us their own world. Angels are who we are actually ourselves.

Curator Alar Raudoja

Jan Leo Grau

Marko Toomast


Haide Rannakivi

Alar Raudoja