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Lithuanian Press Photography 2024

Dear visitor, welcome to the photo exhibition of the twenty third Lithuanian Press Photography contest. This year's exhibition boasts a remarkable collection, selected from over 3,000 images submitted by professional photojournalists across 10 established categories. A discerning international jury handpicked just over 100 photographs and series, offering a curated glimpse into the heart of Lithuania in 2023. This year welcomes a new addition: the Open Category – with over 40 entries from students and photography enthusiasts, it provides a platform for fresh voices and innovative storytelling techniques. The Open category, alongside the work of established professionals, fosters a dynamic dialogue, showcasing the diverse landscape of Lithuanian visual journalism.

The exhibition, divided into several sections by topic, takes viewers on a captivating journey through 2023's most significant cultural, sporting, environmental and political events. Photographs capture local political events as well as the nation's pride and commitment hosting the NATO summit. Visitors will witness images that capture not only the official side of the political meetings, but also the true emotions of the participants. Moving beyond the realm of politics, a powerful Portrait category delves into out psychology and humanity, showing among others a powerful portrait of a Ukrainian frontline soldier, a joyful farmers family and of an actor, who just lived through an intense and demanding role. The Army category provides an overview of national security topics with photographs portraying the role that various parts of the national and European armed forces play securing the stability in our region.

As part of the main exhibition, in collaboration with the European Commission's Representation in Lithuania, we would also like to present a unique retrospective. Through the lens of photojournalism, visitors can experience the last 20 years of Lithuania's EU membership. This special section allows viewers to witness the profound cultural and social transformations that have reshaped the nation since joining the European family. These photographs serve as a historical record, documenting not just Lithuania's journey within the EU, but also the deep connections and shared values fostered by this collaboration.

The exhibition will be open until 1 June.