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Marija Šileikaitė-Čičirkienė. ODE TO SMALL TOWNS OF LITHUANIA

The exhibition will run from 2nd to 27th August.
Opening on 2nd August at 5 p.m.

Original photography series "Ode to Small Towns of Lithuania" by Marija Sileikaite-Cicirkiene is dedicated to the images of small Lithuanian towns, their culture, history, and social life. The photography covers the visual local aspects of local aspects of small towns. The author perceives the local aspect as the beginning of the visual awakening of the existing surrounding and the concentration of the existence of the town. Preference is given to the local urban aesthetics.

Here local visual points are searched for, and it is considered a kind of introduction to the town - an introduction with a slow and intense preface of tradition, with its own subordination to the geographical surroundings. Such a visual introduction is associated with a visual alternative, avoiding a predictor or only privileged position. The photographic treatment of towns does not look for popular, regulatory but innovative approaches. Such innovative approaches become traces of existing events, breakthroughs of their current visual intensity in the historical and ethnic space.

The style shown by the photographer Marija Sileikaite-Cicirkiene is based on a variety of openings, outbursts and replicas as these are unused opportunities for the formation of new comers of the town. There is an unexpected confrontation between location and destination, the paradox with its ironic disclosure. The visual paradoxes of the author in these photographs are geometric plays of the destination, constructive applications of unexpected cultural and social confrontations, and polymorphic manifestations of coincidences. There are plenty of everyday, ironic disclosures and these ironic openings are the unexpected connections of the image with the connections of different elements of the locality. These series of photography denies the isolation and exclusion of towns as such photographs point to reversal powers, existing and possible guidelines for regional resurrection, its rise and self-forgetfulness.

These visual, author based, photography series and the name itself is an open author based association to an essay of the same name written by S. T. Kondrotas sometime ago. There the author invited into the new search of local authenticity without fear of oblivion, without expecting any greatness, remaining only surrounded by dizziness of true, local events, adventures, jokes and oddity. The author, in a unique and broadly expanded way, accepts this invitation and calls for a visual trail where there are a number of ambiguities, where there are branched alternatives, and where the often ironic, contradictory reality dominates.

Jurgis Dieliautas

 The exhibition is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture