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Mausha Levi & Shimon Baer. Interwar Lithuanian Photographers legacy

August 3–30, 2021
Opening – August 30, 5 p. m.

Exhibition is inspired by the work of two known Lithuanian photographers.

„The idea for this came at the moment when I realized that the exhibition of Mausha Levi and Shimon Bajer would be the best way to preserve the memory of both of them who alone with their families have perished in Holocaust” says Faina Borovsky, exhibition organizer, granddaughter of Mausha Levi and grandniece of Shimon Bajer.

In this exhibition the viewer has an opportunity to glimpse into everyday life of the Independent Lithuania.

Mausha Levi and Shimon Bajer 
Photo studio „Baer ir Levi“ was established  in Ukmergė around 1918. It is symbolic that the opening of „Baer ir Levi“ photo studio coincided with the Proclamation of the young Democratic State – Independent Lithuania.

Shimon Bajer was one of the first and best known photo studio owners in Kaunas, with his studio „Š. Bajer Fotografija“ located on the Laisvės Alėja. Shimon Bajer went on to organize the first Lithuanian Association of Commercial Photographers and for many years it was run from his studio. 

Mausha Levi, according to a family legend had gathered some experience in the field of photography while he briefly worked at photo studio in New York. Around 1923 he became the sole owner of „Baer ir Levi“ photo studio and changed its name to „M. Levi Fotografija“. 

Over the years, Mausha Levi in Ukmergė and Shimon Bajer in Kaunas created a gallery of photographs depicting members of the Seim and peasants, military and members of the clergy, students and ordinary citizens, foreign dignitaries, writers, artists, modern architecture, and everyday street life.

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Faina Borovsky