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Mindaugas Lukošaitis exhibition VILNIUS GRAFITO DULKĖSE

2022/11/30 – 2023/01/28
Opening – November 30, 6 p. m.

The drawings of Mindaugas Lukošaitis (b. 1980) have already travelled to many international exhibitions. His work has been studied with great interest by audiences in various countries, and contemporary art collectors are interested in his work. Mindaugas Lukošaitis, together with his brother Gintautas, represented Lithuania at the 26th São Paulo Biennial, and Phaidonas Publishing House presented him as one of the most interesting contemporary artists. His ability to stay in the spotlight helps him not to drown in the marble of contemporary art ideas and to remain a unique mediator of the archetypal powers of traditional drawing. In Mindaugas Lukošaitis's series of drawings, the stories of Lithuanian post-war partisans, the Nordic War, Lithuanian Jews or the Rwandan genocide acquire a combination of objective, investigative strokes and an empathic vision of events.
With this exhibition, we present a personalized artist's narrative of the turning points in Vilnius history - Mindaugas Lukošaitis' interpretation of centuries of Vilnius history.
Art critic Virginijus Kinčinaitis
„Mindaugas Lukošaitis draws Vilnius as a fantasizing Masonic mason. He drafts a precise perspective of the Old Town and lays heavy stone foundations, stirs poisonous plaster, models a Baroque cornice, raises wooden slats, and meticulously applies wavy tiles. Then he burns wood on the stove and watches the smoking chimney for a long time. He examines the shadows of the night and wistfully counts the steps of the Gothic moon. When he gets bored, he chases the tail of a star and falls into the dreams of Vilnius' old inhabitants“.
The exhibition is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture