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November, 5–24 
The opening – November 5, 5 p.m.

The Czech Republic abounds in cultural treasures, among which castles and chateaux as historical residences of the social elite, of rulers, of the aristocracy, and of religious institutions attract special attention. Castles, fortified residences of the Middle Ages, were built from the twelfth to the early sixteenth century.
This exhibition prepared by the National Museum of the Czech Republic presents a selection of 37 of the most interesting castles and chateaux of Bohemia and Moravia, two of the historic areas that make up the Czech state. The criterion for the selection of the localities has been their historical significance as well as their architectural, artistic, and historical value. A prominent position is occupied by sites of European importance, including not only those already on UNESCO’s list, but also a number of other potential candidates. We believe that the exhibition will provide not only an aesthetic experience and information, but also motivation for closer investigation into castles and chateaux, as well as an invitation to visit the Czech Republic.

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