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Exhibition "Lithuanian Press Photography 2019"

We are happy to present an exhibition of a Contest 'Lithuanian Press Photography 2019' – the visual yearbook of our country, now in its 18th year and featuring the miscellaneous works of Lithuanian press photographers. The exhibition will be presented in Vilnius Town Hall 3–31 May, 2019.

The photographs submitted to the Contest by 111 photographers appear in the Exhibition under the following categories: News, Life, Portraits, European Year, Culture, Army, Sport, Entertainment, Nature and the Environment, Reportage and Photo Story. The international jury reviewed nearly four thousand works.

Photojournalism needs to tell a story, but this is only one of its tasks, as it is expected to raise questions too. Sometimes it may look like classic photography, but it also has instantaneous energy and dynamism, it has colours, movement, and emotions, and that is where its strength lies. Press photography must engage and take an approach to what is happening in our world, it must reveal problems and events by representing them through subtle and multilayer images. The role of a professional photojournalist is more important than ever; he/she must break through everyday limits and record what a human eye does not see or notice.

With time and with technological development, photojournalism has not only been recording the development of humankind and changes that cultures have undergone, but has assisted in analysing and recalling our history. In organising this Contest, the Club aims to find new talents in photography who take over strong traditions of humanistic and reportage/documentary photography of the Lithuanian photography school. We invite you all to contribute to the creation and growth of a remarkable yearbook of Lithuanian visual history for future generations.

Picture by Ramūnas Danisevičius, Lietuvos rytas. From the reportage "The visit of Pope Francis in Lithuania on 22–23 September 2018".

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