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Ričardas Garbačiauskas "Processes II" (painting)

August 3–30  
The opening – August 3, 6.00 p. m.

This exhibition shows some expressive, abstract artwork of the recent years. Dark, uneasy shapes in light backgrounds often remind of nature’s aggressiveness and fragility of the human existence under a constant threat of natural disasters. These recent works reflect long-term emotional state of the artist, anxiousness, and menacing existence full of temporality and threat. The artist chooses the idiom of contrast and sharpness which mirrors his emotional attitude, sight, and reflection.

Rhythm, which is everywhere, is an essential condition of the existence of our cosmic surroundings, our micro- and macroworld. This is the fundamental approach to the construction of artwork, which enables the artist to speak the language of extremely generalized, minimized forms and patterns. They are something like archaic signs, anonymous, yet interacting shapes of figures from the recent world. 


Ričardas Garbačiauskas