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Romualdas Balinskas exhibition "Alive"

Romualdas Balinskas about his art:

It's hard for me to talk about that life, but it's easy to testify. To testify with my life, movements, strokes. That life comes as if from nothing and from everything. In blank paper on a sheet, black paint, air and a stream of water. The temptation to paint everything in black is washed away by the water, but there remains a trace – a stroke that has been dried up, the drops are inadvertently obscured, the puddles of confluent stains, the seas, the forests and the clones – a living sight, a rudiment, a promise, a hope. From death, from the ashes, from stagnation and non-being, a living life emerges from the point. It seems that it barely creaks, no longer breathes, and yet, through sighs and breaths, it pulsates again, turning into a seed, a leap from the past to the future. It is very good to know it, experience it and always remember it.