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Snaigė Šileika exhibition PAKELĖ / WAYSIDE

We kindly invite you to the Canadian Lithuanian artist Snaige Sileika's solo exhibition in July. The author is part of the well-known Valius artist clan and began her education in the field by taking courses with the printmaker Telesforas Valius (1914-1977). Sileika later studied art at the University of Toronto and afterwards moved to Paris to specialize in printmaking at the École des Beaux Arts. She currently lives in Toronto, Canada where she spent many years creating, working and volunteering at Open Studio, Canada’s largest printmaking facility. Her evolution from printmaker started twenty years ago when she began to incorporate acrylic paint into her prints. This tendency gradually became the predominant element in her artwork. Turning away from the labour-intensive techniques of printmaking, she delighted in the immediacy of painting where image and colour were created simultaneously with each brushstroke. Her work speaks of her roots, her history and her identity. In Sileika’s prints, paintings or installations she frequently reflects on the fragility of existence against the unyielding currents of time. She expresses these thoughts in a highly personal way: subtle, natural images give way to moody wayside landscapes, cut as if by horizontal lines of time; occasionally this theme is abandoned for the thrust of dynamic expressways.

Sileika has exhibited in both Canada and abroad. She has had many solo exhibitions in Lithuania. This year in Vilnius, for the first time, she is having a large retrospective called Wayside.

Curator - Regina Urbonienė
Sponsor - Office of the Embassy of Canada to Lithuania
Informational Sponsor – Lithuanian World Community