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Study Abroad Fair EDUCATION AND CAREER 2019

Future is in your hands: it is as a colourful cube. If you turn it in any direction, you will find unique possibilities, learn new things, experience life changing adventures, travel, meet new people, find your strengths, choose your dream profession and plan your career! All you need is to believe in yourself and to prove yourself here and now!

We open the doors of arenas and exhibition centers! We can take this for granted that the slogan of the fair – after knowing and trying make a decision – will be achieved. You can choose from the variety of activities and lectures after which, we believe, you will know what profession fits you best, how to plan your career and how not to finish to develop!

Menu of the fair:

  • The representatives from more than 50 different foreign universities from all over the world.
  • Everything about the studies abroad and international exams.
  • Creative workshops.
  • Motivational speeches.
  • Career counselling.
  • ZONE of EDUCATORS (speeches for the teachers).

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