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Tatjana Kazimierėnienė "Song of Songs to Nature" (graphic)

June 3-29

Internationally acclaimed graphic artist Tatjana was born in Sankt Petersburg in 1951. After graduating J. Naujalis secondary school (now – J.Naujalis Art school) in Kaunas, Lithuania, she studied Graphic art at Vilnius Art Institute (now – Vilnius Art Academy) and was lucky to gain her profound knowledge and inspiration from two Lithuanian prominent professors Stasys Krasauskas and Leonas Lagauskas.

Her etchings, recognized for their distinctive style, have been appreciated and awarded around the world in countless exhibitions since the first introduction to Estonia and Iceland, then Italy, Russia, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Great Britain.

Theme of Nature has been essential throughout development of all creative periods of Tatjana graphic art. Since early atmospheric contemplative figurative (Rain, Waiting, Eternal Nature, Forest) that was genuinely transformed to enigmatic narrative of archetypal symbols (Thoughtfulness, Day, Night, Spain) and then developed into pure metaphysics of sublime visual poetics (Grass, Silence, Island, January, Reeds, Reflections). 

From the very beginning Tatjana dedicated her artistic skills to exploring the delicate beauty of Nature. Her etchings have multiple meanings, they are full of silence and intuitive perception, revealing unique harmony of Creation.

She developed her highly matured graphic works following the best old masters school. It is easy to recognize her masterful post scriptum to Rembrandt in the precious, small-sized etchings of landscapes, as well to the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci and Albrecht Dürer in her luxurious etchings of flowers and wild plants like moss, grass, forest lichens.

Her powerful graphic works are a kind of rarity of classic „eau-forte“ (aqua-fortis) etchings and aquatint techniques using dry point on zinc plate and acid. All etchings are of limited edition, manually printed by the artist herself one by one. 

Dr Rasa Gečaitė, Art Historian, Curator of the Exhibition.        

Tatjana Kazimierėnienė