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Artur Širin "CITY DETAILS "

“Paco Rabanne jacket and a skateboard from Lidl. Balenciaga sneakers and the 17th trolleybus to Naujininkai ”- Artur Širin briefly describes his works. In his exhibition 

‘City details’, the artist plays with familiar symbols and shocking contrasts, creates 

references to popular culture and highlights the problem of consumerism.

“The city” narrative is the main artists creative path, which has naturally formed out of his experiences being a street artist. The latest paintings freely interpret themes of the city's society and structure, talk about people's habits, and problems of the modern world. The leading idea of the exhibition is summarized in the work ‘The Mountain’ - the village is trashed with logos and commercials, and the mountain, which remains the main natural element of the city, is drowned out by the abundance 

of commercial spam. The theme of excessive consumerism continues 

in ‘Tagged city’ and ‘The Perfect Sunset’. 

The contrast between street culture and luxury, elements of mundane life and affluence acts as the main structure of his paintings. The spray paint on paper technique was chosen intentially: it moves artist’s works from the sophisticated genre of painting closer to an ordinary human, who is surrounded by posters and advertisements on the daily basis.

There are many familiar archetypal elements in Artur Širin's paintings: the traditionally shaped house, a kennel, a cat, brand logos. The color scheme is dominated by primary colors. The paintings are playful, almost decorative, but the ironic way of juxtapositioning familiar motifs draws spectator’s attention to the painful flaws of the modern world while avoiding stereotypical negative narratives.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture


Artur Širin