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Aurelia Maknytė’s exhibition Nature’s Offices (installation)

The foreboding of impending climate catastrophe calls into question the "natural" right of the homo sapiens species to harness nature to its own needs. Artist Aurelija Maknytė, who observes the habits of beavers and other less visible animals, suggests that we try to see things from their perspective. The exhibition is like a Museum of Nature, but it will also explain how the invasion of “pests” into the central building of the city will highlight the relativity of knowledge, power relations and aesthetics.

Vilnius City Hall is a very suitable place, because here art often encounters politics. Here it is often determined which species will survive, which will disappear. The natural objects placed in the spaces of the classicist-style Town Hall will have a dialogue with the Town Hall’s strict architectural lines, and nature will have a discussion with culture, encouraging the viewer to experience and recognise them. The theme of the exhibition will be continued with an excursion that will reveal the lay of the land not only as a natural landscape, but also as a human creation, constantly corrected by its other inhabitants.

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture


Aurelija Maknytė