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Ieva Mediodia "Physical Analogs/ From New York to the 90’s of Vilnius"

Ieva Mediodia—not only a participant of former art group Good Evils, she’s also became an innovator in the art of painting and, as well, an active representative of the New York art scene.

Her earlier works revealed some important fractures within Lithuanian art during the post-political movement—Sajudis (Movement) time, the transformation of modernist painting into feminist and autobiographical, bodily textured diaries. In her later artwork, a strong sensual expression, together with scientific discourse, merge into senses of the present embodying her paintings into translucent objects shining in radiant colors.

Naturally, this manner of painting was necessary to emerge from the Good Evils’ period. Ieva’s ability to combine luring cosmic distances with neuronal flashes, nervousness of lines of the drawing with detailed architectonics, geometric diagrams with spontaneous spills of paint, requires a particular gestural calligraphy, unexpected breaks, sleek surfaces and translucent layering. It is a principle of generative painting, where the interplay between accident and reasoning creates a fantastic buzz of shapes unfolding right before one’s eyes.

Three exhibitions of Ieva Mediodia—Physical Analogs/ From New York to the 90’s of Vilnius, Uploaded Memory and Immigration into Digital Age/New York 2001-2019, will take place at Vinius City Hall, Trivum gallery in Vilnius and Siauliai Art Gallery. For the first time, these exhibitions provide an opportunity to become acquainted with the dynamic bends of the creative life of this artist. Most importantly—the cycle of three shows encompasses the author’s originality within the context of Lithuanian painting, and as well highlighting the creative lineage of Ieva Mediodia in the history of contemporary Lithuanian art.

Curator and text author - Virginijus Kinčinaitis