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Remigijus Treigys "(In)visible Vilnius" (photography)

Darkness is this photographer’s focus and his instrument. Unlike writing, which aims to shed light on a subject, the goal of Treigys’ photography is to use darkness to separate the objects with its saturated air (formerly including dust and ripples). The darkness gets into your eyes, makes it hard to see anything. But the photographer has said “I like to be in the dark; the longer you sit there, the more you see”. So now he is photographing Vilnius at hours in which the streets we see every day become like subterranean secrets, where almost no one enters, and you see imaginary things. Such a dual Vilnius is visible only to Treigys, who is attracted by “that invisible side: that which is outside the frame”. The darkness that Treigys captures covers the city like a gap of inexperience, which it is difficult to break through. Therefore, Vilnius remains unseen by an outside observer, hiding behind the scenes together with the props of saints, books, and lights not being used in today’s performance.

Agnė Narušytė
(Arranger of soundtrack to accompany photographs)

The project is funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture


Remigijus Treigys