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Tadas Adomavičius "NON-COMFORTABLE"

Tadas Adomavičius – a graphic artist born in Panevėžys in 1983. 2007 he graduated from Šiauliai University with a master’s degree in classical graphics. The artist creates traditional and computer graphics. He has worked in publishing for a long time as an artist / illustrator, currently, he is working in the field of mobile games. 

The Digital art Exhibition with the codename NON-COMFORTABLE. Artist tries to expose both internal and external human discomfort / comfort, various mental states, experiences, psychological journeys. 

"I am, and always have been, an observer who not only observes others, the environment but also observes myself. I analyse and delve into my various states. I try to convey all these analyses and reflections in my works. In some pictures, you can see pain and restraints, in others – laughter and self-irony or sarcasm. There is not a single drawing that is created spontaneously. All my drawings have been improved many times. When I'm starting to draw, I often experience kind of a meditation. I constantly immersing myself in small details. Almost in all my works, you can see a human figure, silhouette, or a creature reminiscent of it. I allow the viewer to dive deep into the depths of my subconscious" says the author.

Tadas Adomavičius