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„Wom@rts“ project

Wom@rts aims to highlight the contribution of women to the European cultural heritage and diversity, and to tackle gender inequality by supporting their presence in the of Market from a cross-sectoral perspective, promoting a wide range of mobility actions, knowledge, tools, training activities and events.

It as an European project promoted by the following network of public and private non-for profit organisations and supported by the European Commission through its Creative Europe Programme:

Through Wom@rts, the Commission supports a very ambitious initiative, which plans to revert to some degree the very negative statistics related to the presence and recognition of women artists and cultural professionals (see some first data attached).

In that context and over the next 4 years (between 2018 and 2021), Wom@rts will promote a series of activities, such as: The creation and promotion of a charter in defence of gender equality practices in culture and of a network of "Ambassadors"; Research and study to gather homogenous data on the situation; The creation of an international online platform to promote women artists; The organization of artistic residencies in the fields of engraving/printmaking, comics and digital/lense-based arts (mobility of emerging artists); The opening and roaming of a commemorative exhibition of the 70th Anniversary of the publication of the book of Simone de Beauvoir "The Second Sex"; Masterclasses, workshops and conferences; Training courses for creators and cultural entrepreneurs; or the participation of artists and intellectuals in different international cultural festivals, among other activities.

Lithuanian Women in Arts and Culture analysis: Womarts Analytical review LT.pdf
Presentation: presentationLT Womarts.pdf

Project website:

The project is partially financed by:

Avilés City Council - Fundación Municipal de Cultura-Avilés (ES)

UGM Maribor (SI)

Academy of Applied Arts University in Rijeka (HR)

Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts Ltd. (UK)

Limerick Institute of Technology - Limerick School of Arts & Design (IR)

Communauté d'Agglomération du Grand Angoulême (FR)

Centre audiovisuel Simone de Beauvoir (FR)

Viesoji istaiga Vilniaus rotuse – Vilnius City Council (LT)

WIFT (Women in Film and Television), Scandinavian network (FI)

Santiago de Compostela City Council - Auditorio de Galicia (ES)