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Martynas Gaubas „Rembo. The golden age crisis: watch out“

“Sooner or later, everyone reaches a point where you want to turn around and flashback to all your creative activity done so far. And though it has been seven years since my last personal exhibition, it had been a conscious decision and break during which I nurtured new ideas and explored new creative journeys,” shares a painter and sculptor Martynas Gaubas.

On July 1-31, 2020, at Vilnius Town Hall, the artist commemorates his twenty years-long creative path with a personal artwork exhibition „Rembo. The golden age crisis: watch out“.

“It is a special collection of exquisite and refined works through which I manifest various playful ideas, though at a much greater scale,” says the artist. Like many other Martynas Gaubas’ works, each of the exhibits has its own element of a caricature, grotesque, and parody.

“I have always been an observer who is scouting the world for frozen moments – moments that can be promptly and clearly experienced by viewers just based on the body language of characters depicted in the artwork,” explains the artist.


Martynas Gaubas