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Ramunė Vėliuvienė "THE VISUAL MEMORY" (graphics)

February  4–29
Opening – February 4, 6 p.m.

The rituals of the Baltic calendar events testify to the cyclic time concept. All is born, blooms, dies, is reborn again, i.e. the time unrolls in a circle. Historical and personal time is linear in character. WWI, WWII, first – fifth, twenty fifth birthday... The stories of the most interesting family photos are arranged in a linear stretch of the 20th century calendar. The memory, however, acquires the features of the primeval archaetypical cyclicity. The past arises more vividly than the present. The destinies, characters, features of the ancestors are reproduced on the young faces. The inherited items, artefacts, letters, greeting cards, etc., visualise the reminiscences.

Ramunė Vėliuvienė